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FAQ1: Why is the power supply voltage 4.8vdc rather than 4.5vdc?

This FAQ is obsolete. We originally bought power supplies at 4.8 and 5 vdc. We now have a reliable supplier for 4.5 vdc power supplies.

First, the LED devices will handle a range of voltage. When a 2 or 4 LED kit is used the resistance of the wiring increases and each LED device adds resistance to the the circuit. The extra .3 volts helps to push the milli-amps through the circuit. Low voltage DC is not easy to get through wire without losing power due to voltage drop or resistance. With multiple devices and extension cables you will reach a limit to what a single power supply can handle. This is why we rate the system for 4 devices. It may well work for more, but we can't risk marketing it falsely as a higher limit will not necessarily work for all customers.

FAQ: 2

What if I want a large number?

Yes, we offer larger quantities at a discount. Please write us for a quotation. Discounts start with 10 basic units. Custom configurations are also possible, for instance a kit with 2 power injectors, a splitter and an extension cable.

We generally list only 5 units at a time on eBay and Amazon of each model, so orders of 4 or more units will have a lead time of 2 weeks generally. We only buy power supplies of 10 or 20 units at a time as this is a low volume item.

Please contact us for more information.

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