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Blue Planet Outdoor Furniture Windstorm Stainless Steel Safety Cables

Blue Planet Offices logo Secure Your Outdoor Furniture from Windstorm Damage and also Protect Your Real Property from Damage

Package includes 3 cables and 3 locking carbiners. Cables are 29 inches long, plastic coated 2mm stainless steel with a 1.5" loop at one end and a 3" loop at the other. (38" of cable overall.) Safely secure patio furniture against wind, storms and hurricanes. Plastic coated to eliminate damage and reduce noise. Perfect for high-rise balcony furniture and for snow-birds who are not home for every storm to take the furniture in. Eliminates accidents and insurance liabilities. 600 lb. tensile strength. The carbiners have locking cylinders that screw tight to reduce tampering and accidental removal. Designed in Key West, FL USA by Blue Planet Electron Corp.

Only $16.95 for 3 Cables and Carbiners including Free U.S. Shipping.

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