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Party Disco Lighting Extension Brackets
Factory Production Tour

The video and images are from our co-owned factory in China, about 100km from Hong Kong. This short video clip shows the square brackets being formed on a 100 ton hydralic press. The other images were taken during various phases of the manufacturing process and some have illustrations that are self-explanatory. First row far right shows the die used to bend the round brackets. The gap allows the bracket to be used with lighting strips on the truss pipes as shown in the photos of Blue Planet's truss system. In addition, it allows for some variation in truss pipe sizes.

First 2 photos show brackets after bending and cleaning, ready for painting. Photo 3 in this row shows the painted brackets being packaged for shipping in indivudal bubble-wrap bags. The photo below shows the boxes with our first production run ready to go to FedEx for shipping to Key West, FL.

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