Blue Planet Offices

In Key West: Audio/Video Rentals, Printing Services, Personal Services. In Florida: Registered Agent Services, Incorporation Attorney Resources, Corporate Record Service, Corporate Seals/Stock, Manufacturer's Representative. Nationwide: Personal Property Security Products, Secure Identity Products, Payment Processing, Domain Registration, Web Hosting.

Blue Planet Offices logo SECURITY CCTV DECALS WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY. Please check back.

Use our security decals to fool potential burglars. Working 800 number. Crooks won't take the chance and will nove on to another house or business.

Contact Us:

Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza #306
Key West, FL 33040-4077

Office: 305-897-2593

CEO Direct: 305-394-3439 (Urgent Matters Only)
Dan Schramm, CEO

Toll Free Customer Service: 1-800-518-1206

Blue Planet Security Corporation Toll Free Customer Service: 1-800-511-9147



Including Blue Planet DNA Corporation, Blue Planet Registrar Corp., Blue Planet Electron Corp. and Blue Planet Trailer Corp.

Blue Planet CEO Dan F. Schramm is also President of Park Place Securities, Inc. at the following address:

Offices: 305-570-1188.

2011 Flagler Avenue, Suite 501
Key West, FL 33040-3732

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation.

DBA's Registered with the Florida Secretary of State.

Blue Planet Security Corporation
Blue Planet DNA Corporation. (FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility.)
Blue Planet Electron Corporation.
Blue Planet Trailer Corporation.
Blue Planet Registrar Corporation.
GLINN Media Corporation is (c) copyright 2018 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

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