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We do not have any automatic way of charging you for the additional postage that it takes to ship to Canada.

The smallest kit costs $3.00 to ship within the U.S. and currently 10/10/18 costs $9.50 to ship to Canada. If you decide to order, we will separately invoice you for the additional postage.

Thank you.

Contact Information:
Dan F. Schramm, CEO
Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
Blue Planet Electron Corporation
1107 Key Plaza, #306
Key West, FL 33040-4077


Office: 305-897-2593 or U.S. Toll Free 1-800-518-1206

Blue Planet Security Corporation TOLL FREE: 1-800-511-9147

Blue Planet DNA Corporation 305-897-9800

Urgent Matters- Dan Schramm, CEO direct: 305-394-3439

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