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Electronics Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Electronics Research and Development. Specialists in EMP protected computer networking and telecommunications systems, Small Scale Energy Production.

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Blue Planet Electron Corporation at works closely with Blue Planet Trailer Corporation in the development of electrical and electronic systems for its line of trailers, especially in trailers that are designed to protect the contents from EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse. These trailers also can have leveling systems, solar panels that track the sun, running hot and cold water, telecommunications systems and other features.

Part of the research and development lab RFID Security Systems for Vehicles and Trailers

We also design and manufacture, in conjunction with Blue Planet's other divisions integrated and add-on devices that conceal a RFID chip, so that the trailer, if stolen, can be located and identified. These devices will be available for under $100 with some devices available for $25. Systems are available with passive and active RFID chips. Active RFID chips (which have integrated batteries) are readable from hundreds of feet away. A big problem in the trucking industry is the theft of tractors and trailers, including hijacking. GPS systems can be disabled. Generally the driver will know where it is, and will give up its location to the hijackers *(even if the driver is not in on the hijacking). However, a thief will be unable to locate the RFID device. It is doubtful that many truck hijackers are going to have RFID readers at the correct frequency. In addition, these small devices, the size of a pack of cigerettes will be mounted on the top of trailers and in otherwise inaccessible locations. They will also be cheaper than GPS systems and don't depend upon a cell phone or satellite connection or truck power. The primary use is in allowing the trucking firm to find and quickly recover the tractor and/or trailer before there is serious damage. Consider just the cost of tires on a semi-trailer. These systems can be installed by the company (or our authorized dealers) without drivers knowing, to improve security.

Locating High Value Shipments

RFID chips are available in various forms to track shipments. (Bar codes also identify individual boxes and pallets but are not readable at any distance). These are passive RFID chips and can't be read from any great distance. Our small device could easily be inserted into boxes randomly for high value shipments. Laptop computers, computer chips and other products are prime targets for hijacking. Perhaps in the future insurance companies would even make our type of devices mandatory as part of the insurance coverage. Shippers would want to use our devices to keep down the cost of their insurance and to help recover their products before they reach the black market. For example, Apple Computer could include them in shipments to their stores. It would be an easy matter for the store to gather them up and ship them back on a regular basis.

12 line Universal Voice Mail system invented by CEO Dan F. Schramm and developed in-house These devices would be encapsulated in hard plastic. A cap would unscrew to reveal a small battery compartment. Two or three flat cell batteries would power the device. What the average person would not know is that the RFID chip itself has an integrated battery and the device will continue to function normally for a year or more. One set of cell batteries would power the device for five years or so. The RFID device would be the size of a credit card. RFID devices can be purchased concealed in large nails for tracking lumber, for example.

Low Cost Property Protection for Private Stuff

These systems will also be available for private trailers and other property. A GPS device, which is difficult to fully conceal, needs external power and the antenna needs a view of the sky. The GPS device can also fail for any number of reasons. The GPS device will cost around $100. The purchaser also must purchase a SIM Card for a cell phone network and pay the necessary rates each month for the data the device is transmitting. This assumes that the GPS device can also regularly connect to a cell phone network. There is also a service fee for the company receiving the data and making it available to the customer, or the customer needs to have his own computer on a dedicated IP address for that purpose. Our device eliminates that expense and attention to detail. Install it and forget it until your trailer or other property is stolen. Trailer manufacturers can also include it in the construction of new trailers and would be our dealers. A $40 device is not a problem when you are selling $1200+ trailers. Certainly it is nothing compared to the cost of motor homes and coaches. Our device would also be practical to include in a large tool box, construction equipment, trailer refrigeration units and other regular targets of theft.

Leasing and Finance Firms Can Recover Vehicles/Trailers Faster

Vehicle leasing and finance companies could also add these devices to motor vehicles to make their location easier to find and repossession faster without the expense and debatable legality of a GPS device. These devices would be cheap enough to add to U-Haul and other rental trailers and would not need electric power. A RFID active tag (which has a tiny internal battery) will last for up to five years.

We will also provide stand-a-lone RFID readers and readers that can be connected to a laptop computer with a GPS device or other computer such as an iPad running our desktop type software. That software will see the RFID codes being transmitted, and record them along with the location. The software will store the RFID codes belonging to that particular customer and will identify such to the operater by various means. The software will constantly analyze the signal and based on signal strength, will direct the operator in the direction of the signal. Although the signal can't be triangulated from a single receiver, the receiver/software will be able to determine signal strength and send the operator in the right direction. Systems using multiple RFID readers that coordinate between themselves over cell networks will be developed in the future.

Motorcycle Electronics, utility electronics, enclosed cargo electronics, teardrop and other camping electronics, atv electronics, and more. Electronics safety equipment and products development.

Specialized Small and Medium Weight Electronics for Generators, Satellite Communications, Local Emergency Communications electronics with self-erecting antenna towers and other features, Mobile Recording/Video Studios with optional television broadcast, Mobile Printing Plants featuring Risograph presses, Command Centers, Backup Computer Centers, Mobile Cell Phone Facilities, Mobile Kitchens, and Mobile Offices. EMP and dangerous weather protection optional.

Blue Planet Electron is the only manufacturer of low cost EMP protected electronics in the U.S.A. for government and private sales.

Blue Planet Electron Corporation also designs and manufactures satellite dish systems, antenna towers and solar energy collection systems that will survive a major hurricane or thermo-nuclear attack at close range and fully recover and be functional automatically afterwards. They do not use exposed electrical systems and will survive an EMP attack. These systems are also relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives. They are used primarily in support of an underground command center or other structure.

More information shortly.

Protect Your Electronics from Theft, Speed its Return

Watch for our Electronics VIN Marking System and RFID Identification System coming soon.

Blue Planet Electronics Corporation, division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc.

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To apply for employment please send your resume, cv, and cover letter to

We are looking for an illustrator, electronics design engineers, software programmers for PC and embedded programming, java and web interface programming, mechanical engineers with design experience and experience in sheet metal work, machining, welding, fiberglass, parts making and other tasks.

Why Electron? Electronics was just too long, especially for our logo. Considering that we specialize in protecting electronic systems from EMP, which deals with electrons and other forms of energy, electron was the perfect choice. We also don't want a name that makes us sound like we make consumer electronics. Most of our product sales will be to government and to businesses involved in critical infrastructure.

For a more complete understanding of the threat to the U.S. from EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) natural events and a man-made EMP attack read the U.S. EMP Commission Report.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation. isCopyright © 2016 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and Blue Planet Electronics Corporation.

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